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Ships Log 062118-A: Please Visit and Shop the Boating and Fishing Hardware Store!


I invite you to visit the Store located 1 Mile South of Wal-Mart in Fairhope on the East side of the Road where you will find a much wider variety and Selection of Marine Supplies and Fishing Hardware/Gear to Choose from than I have offered previously!

If you need anything else from a Light Bulb to a NEW Boat Trailer we can have that in or to the Store for you in a matter of a day or two - it takes a couple of weeks to get your NEW Boat Trailer to the Store once the Order for the Model chosen is placed!

Welcome to the Store!

Please keep me in mind if you are a Commercial Fisherman or Marine Mechanic you automatically qualify for 10% off my regularly advertised pricing and that Discount is applied to Orders shipped into the Store as Well.

The Brute Force Marine, RV Batteries and the Auto/Truck Battery I keep "In-Stock" have a One-Year FREE Replacement Guarantee!

Friend's you are also more than Welcome to bring your Boat by the Store!

If not.......

Please bring in your old parts and/or pictures and I will let you know if I need more information if the photo does not provide an Apples to Apples or exact manufacturer and model number match to your original parts.

Text me photo's of the old parts and I will work with them and the information that that you can provide.

I will be more than happy to call and message you with a price, quote and with a delivery date.

Engine Parts - As stated above it would definitely be better if I had your old parts on the parts counter here at the Store in order for me to better serve you!

Hopefully I have the parts you need in the Store but if not it is no problem to order most anything you need for your boat, engine or trailer and as always - your order should be in the next day if not within two days.

To Order Engine parts I need Year, Model and Serial Number.
Serial Number Particularly on Mercury Engines!

Propeller's -if at all possible bring in your old wheel as it has a number stamped on it that will help considerably in getting you the right propeller.

I will most likely ask you a few questions regarding the performance of your boat if that is one of your concerns and I will consult the Propeller Manufacturer when Necessary.


If you would like a quote on a Magic-Tilt Boat Trailer I need to know everything about your Boat!

1) Make and Model of the Boat.

2) Year Boat was Manufactured.

3) Engine Make and Model.

4) Horsepower of the Engine.

5) Two or Four Stroke Engine.

6) Fuel Capacity of the Boat.

7) Any Special Requested Equipment that you may want for your NEW Trailer.

I would Love to have your Order for a NEW Magic-Tilt Boat Trailer from Battleship Marine!

A link to the Magic-Tilt Website is posted below and on the Trailer Parts page so please feel free to visit and browse their Catalog!

"Let me quote you a price based on my low overhead and let's see if we can save you some and money!"

*Marine Electronics - Let me quote that piece of Electronics or Package of Electronics and the Associated Accessories you have planned for your Boat!

*Marine Electronics do have an in "Store" warranty with your purchase receipt that is based on my Supplier's and the Manufacturer's Policy. We will verify that Warranty prior to your leaving the Store with your NEW Marine Electronics based on the particular Manufacturer for Marine Electronics you have chosen!

All NEW Boating Supplies, Boat Trailer Parts and other accessories purchased from Battleship Marine as well as Engine Parts are Returnable with your Receipt.
Please when if at all possible return the item(s) with original packaging.

Fishing Equipment and Gear

I have NEW Rod and Reel Combo's in the Store or out front on Display when the Weather allows the Display to be out Front!

ALL NEW Rod and Reel Combo's come with a 30 day Warranty in the Store with your Receipt!

Please keep in mind most of the Reels I have on "Consignment" are also NEW and have never been used! 

Please make an Offer on Consignment Items - The Consignee may not accept your Offer but they just may! All offers will be Presented on your behalf!

Let's all have a Safe and Enjoyable 2018 Boating Season!

Please read on.........

THEIR WILL BE NO SHIPPING CHARGES ON "Special"ORDERS OVER $100.00. with the exception of MagicTilt Boat Trailer Parts unless I can pool your Order!

9% Sales Tax is added!

NO Sales Tax Added on "Out-of-State" Orders!
A "Drop Ship Fee" maybe added if shipped directly from the "Wholesale" Warehouse which in most cases is $10.00 to $15.00.

Upfront Pricing is Guaranteed as is NO additional Shipping costs or I might even eat the Shipping costs for you if I can!

All NEW Boating Supplies and NEW Rod/Reel Combos are covered by a 30 Day Warranty with your Purchase Receipt!

Listed below are some of the Categories of Marine Supplies that are "Available" or "In-Stock" at Battleship Marine by my Wholesalers that are "Available" to you!

*General Boating
*Safety Supplies
*Deck Hardware
*Pumps and Plumbing
*Marine Engine Parts
*Fuel Tanks, Fuel Lines, Fuel Fittings, Fuel Filters
*Oil, Grease, Lubricants
*Navigation Equipment
*Electrical Supplies
*Lighting Supplies
*Marine Batteries

*Propellers (Stainless Steel and Aluminum)
*Zincs and Anodes
*Fishing Equipment (Rod and Reel Combos and Equipment)
*Boat Trailer Parts

*Below is a Link Straight to Magic-Tilt Trailers if you would like to look at a NEW Boat Trailer!

Just click on the Blue Link and go Directly to their site:

The Link to the Magic Boat Tilt Trailer "Web-Site!!!"  

Thank you very much for visiting and browsing my website! 

I look forward to serving your Boating and Fishing Hardware/Gear Needs!

Floyd "Clifton" Wooley 

Roll Tide!!!!

Go USA Jaguars!!!!

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